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fancy alpha - Your TV is set Free

active indoor HDTV antenna with picture clip functionality

Cape Coral, Florida - In June 2009 digital television replaced the old analog transmission. Digital Over-The-Air (OTA) TV offers high resolution television, that is available everywhere, no monthly costs attached. Your favorite sitcoms, sports, and local programs, all in pure, full, high resolution. No compression, no downscaling. And with your HDTV or digital TV enabled computer, your ready for it. All you need is an antenna made for the new digital era: the fancy alpha from Clixxun.

Unlimited radio on your iPhone and iPod Touch - vTuner launches the vTuner radio app with more than 7,000 stations from more than 120 countries

Unlimited radio! Receive more than 7,000 radio stations from all over the world on your iPhone and iPod Touch with the vTuner radio app. vTuner has teamed with appsolute for marketing of the vTuner radio app in the Apple app store. The choice is literally unlimited: 50 genres, 120 countries and 50 languages! The personal favorite station anytime and anywhere in addition to your own stations list – what else can you ask for? The station list is constantly editorially approved and expanded. A chart list includes the most popular stations. vTuner Radio also displays information like sound quality, bit rate and reliability of all more...

Partnership Agreement with TerraTec

Cape Coral, USA - Lambdasonic LLC and TerraTec Electronic GmbH, one of Europe´s premier multimedia enterprises, signed a partnership agreement to deliver TerraTec products to the US market. read more...