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active indoor HDTV antenna with picture clip functionality

Cape Coral, Florida - In June 2009 digital television replaced the old analog transmission. Digital Over-The-Air (OTA) TV offers high resolution television, that is available everywhere, no monthly costs attached. Your favorite sitcoms, sports, and local programs, all in pure, full, high resolution. No compression, no downscaling. And with your HDTV or digital TV enabled computer, your ready for it. All you need is an antenna made for the new digital era: the fancy alpha from Clixxun.

With the fancy alpha, Clixxun presents an optimal combination of the latest technology with an attractive design and a picture frame function (picture size 4 x 6 inch). This renders the antenna virtually invisible in the living room or office space. The fancy alpha has won several awards in Germany, with an average rating of very good.

Thanks to the LRR (Long Range Reception) Technology the fancy alpha receives signals at exceptional quality with low noise and low distortion. The antenna is immune to interference from other networks like GSM or WiFi. The fancy alpha can be positioned vertically or horizontally to achieve optimum reception. Power can be supplied either by the receiver's jack (phantom power), the USB port of a PC or a USB to power line connector.

The fancy alpha can be used with any HDTV or digital tuner for PC or TV and is available now at a price of $39.99.

The facts:
  • Compact, active indoor antenna with picture clip function
  • Picture frame for Pictures size 4 x 6 inch
  • Improved reception range and quality
  • LRR-Technology
  • Reception of Over-The-Air TV (ATSC), DVB-T (TNT) and DAB
  • Vertical and horizontal polarization
  • Antenna amplifier (amplification without antenna gain 18 dB)
  • Low noise, low distortion, noise figure < 1 dB
  • Immune to interference from other signals (e.g. GSM, WLAN, …)
  • Power supply either by included USB adapter, phantom powering from your receiver or a appropriate optional ACDC adaptor (5-12V)
  • Power consumption: ca. 33mA
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.3 x 7 x 3 in
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.
Scope of Delivery:
  • fancy alpha, active Indoor antenna
  • USB Power adapter
  • antenna cable
  • Quick reference guide
Download: Press-Release in PDF-Format
Pictures: fancy alpha

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